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 Dusk Cornu

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PostSubject: Dusk Cornu   Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:34 pm

Name: Dusk Cornu

Nickname/Alias: Wings of Vengeance

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Gijinka

Status: Free (Former slave, freed by Dawn)

Country: Torakan

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 150lbs. (Can't fly, so he puts on weight)


Personality: Cold and collect, he rarely shows his emotions. He has a great sense of justice, and always wants to do what is right. He is rare to open up to people, Dawn being the exception, and he hates anyone that keeps slaves (Perhaps due to his own past experiences). He was a former slave saved by Dawn, and he forever pledged himself into her debt. Together they decided to start the goal of freeing as many slaves as possible, while punishing those who own them. Knowing Dawn's lack of fighting skills and sensitive personality, he gained the role of punisher, while she helps the slaves escape. After he was freed from slavery, he trained his fighting every day for as long as possible, and through time, he became skilled in the art of it. He is very protective of those who can't fight themselves, and he would end his own life if it means helping someone who needs it. Together, he and Dawn balance each other out nicely.

Abilities: Close Combat, Brave Bird, Sky Attack, Heat Wave, Hyper Beam, Final Gambit

Partners/Slaves: Dawn (Partner)


Coins: 5,000$

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PostSubject: Re: Dusk Cornu   Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:41 pm

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Dusk Cornu
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